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mana-chathers is the story about a group of teen heroes fighting demons, other mages ,evil cults, alian robots and other monstrositys. the live in maine in the small town of bellshore the story follows the headstrong lightbringer with a talent for fire and light magic Matt darkwood , the stoic niphilem sean fisher who like stealth and well aimed ice shards. the teen genius with a IQ of 313 he is kind of a coward but if provoct you will get shock with lightning. aaron evens the tought guy who likes amrican football he is 7 feet tall (2 meters) his powers control earth and plants if you fight him you will eat the dirt.Violet Shīrudo the pink haired niphilem girl who can kick your ass she uses her mind reading and force field into combat.Ruby sparks the normal girl with out any powers she is tough for a normal human and pragmetic in combat she and violet are friends since the moment thay met 5 years ago

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Caracters englisch mana cather by brainking11-d5c1kv9

the fouth types of mana