a race of half angels, niphilem have 3 times the average human streangh and a IQ of 200 is low with in ther ranks. ther aura is a sphere that acts as there force-field week niphilem kan block smal fire arms en week hits but strong niphilem as the niphilem nobility . all niphilem can read minds its the level of control and the level of range that changes. niphilem have black shark like eyes and skin in shades of white like snow til white as a corpse becose of thay are neatral in the angel vs demon war. its against heavens laws for a angel and a human to mate so most angels are hostile agianst niphilem, becose of the hostility from both demons and angels did the niphilem aristocraty fall apart know niphilem nobility are sean fisher,roxanne rose and violet shirio. next nu the facct that silver can enter most force fields have the niphilem another weakness , cinnamon . cinnamon makes niphilem drowzzy or sleepy but stil a treath to fight