humans , angels ,niphilem and most other magical or normal creatchers have two souls a base soul or human souls and a damon . if by migical force your damon dies you make a transrormatie to vampire . if your base soul dies than you turn into a fellwalker a undead being with the soul purpese to eat and kill humans en by bitting turning other humans into fellwalers the zombie like fell walkers are not to be underastamated

if a angel dies on earth its two souls turn into a butterfly and rises to heaven , if a demon dies is one soul turns into a larva end digs its self back to hell niphelen souls turn into moths if a angel is killed in heaven it doesnt turn into a butterfly but both its souls are distroyed . the same aplies to demons in hell . if you kill the butterfly,moth,larva before its rise you can distroy its soul(s) permanently